26th February 2020      
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PowerQUICC II (Design 1)
PowerQUICC II (Design 2)
PowerQUICC II (Design 3)
DC - DC Converter
Power over Ethernet
PowerQUICC II (Design 1)

This Motorola PowerPC design used the MPC 8260 communications controller to replace an existing 68k design. The Client required additional realtime processing capability, additional memory and Ethernet interfaces whilst maintaining some of the 'historic' functions such as a VME style interface to the backplane. Operating at 83MHz externally the processor was supported by FLASH, an SDRAM SODIMM module and battery backed SRAM. A quad 10/100BaseT Phy used the MII interfaces on the MPC 8260 to offer up to 4 LAN ports, a Xilinx CPLD for glue logic and careful choice of buffers for the backplane interface to allow hot swap capability.

A variant of this processor board was also designed for the American market which included an additional master clock reference with PLL feature for controlling up to 4 racks of digital audio switch cards.

The customers for these boards were Drake Electronics Ltd. and ClearCom Intercom Inc.
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